Food products made from mealworms.

Be a part of the food evolution !


A sustainable food source produced in a circular economy system.

The perfect snack

Our protein powder is easily integrated into your favorite recipes: desserts, smoothies or snacks! Making them much more nutritious!


Mealworm protein is more nutritious than meat protein or plant protein and requires significantly fewer resources for its production.

Made in Quebec

Our products are made by Mystik Farms, a local company.

1 kg of mealworms requires 1 liter of water. That represents 14,999 liters less than the same amount of beef.

Our production does not create any waste due to the circular economy!

More protein than beef, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk and amino acids for the day!

Shaping the world of tomorrow, one bite at a time.

Our Company Values

Made in Quebec

Our products are made by Mystik farm, a company based in Cap-Santé, Quebec, a pioneer in the breeding of insects for food processing and human consumption.

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By adding ENTOMOprotein to your diet you are not only helping to make your diet healthier, but more importantly, more sustainable. ENTOMOprotein is about making a healthy food choice for you and for the planet!